Boho Boutique is an online store driven by passion for everything BOHO.

I conceptualised Boho Boutique a year ago and it has been a challenging and rewarding journey so far. When one follows your passion and your dreams only good things can come of it.

I have an absolute  love  and passion for Boho fashion, accessories and decor. I saw a gap in the South African market for Boho style clothing and accessories and per sued my dream of having a store dedicated to all things Boho.

All the clothing items in this store are designed and made by my in house design label Gypsy Soul. 

I truly live my brand and my brand in essence an extension of me and all I believe in and love.

At Gypsy Soul we are a really small team of hard working passionate ladies who only want to make beautiful clothing for woman to make them feel beautiful too.

Our clothing is inspired by the Gypsy and Boho style and you can feel the love and attention to detail that goes into the creation of each and every garment.

Every garment under the Gypsy Soul label has been produced by us in Cape Town. 

I hand pick all the fabric and trims and a lot of our garments are one off creations, meaning you will be the only person to have one.

In a world of so much choice why would we want to look like everyone else.

The Bohemian spirit is all about individualism and self expression.

At Boho Boutique we push the boundaries of conventional fashion and encourage woman to embrace their wild, free natures and express themselves unashamedly through their own personal style.

I have big dreams for both my label and my online store for the future but for right now my focus is on creating beautiful Boho inspired creations for the woman of South Africa.

Clothes can make us feel and look our best- my dream is to uplift the spirits of woman through clothing- making them feel inspired and happy about what they are wearing .

Mandy Mulder

Director  & Designer